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James Larabee

James Larabee is a voice actor/actor who lives and works in Dallas Texas!

Voicing everything from video games to visual novels, he's done it all.

Voice Over work includes: Anima: Gate of Memories for PS4, Backstage Pass by Sakevisual, Beyond Despair on Steam, Brilliant Shadows and Pale Spectrum-visual novels on Steam, The Last of the Disciples by Fantasy Soft(In development), The Adventures of Petey and Friends, Starship Moonhawk, Lucid 9, and many more! James has appeared on FUNimation productions such as ''One Piece'', ''Samurai Warriors'', and ''Attack on Titan''.

Feel free to visit his website at www.thehomeofhappiness.weebly.com to see more of what James is acting and voicing!